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I love you with all my heart.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Parental Alienation

KIDS: You might be wondering why you keep hearing negative things about me. It's called "parental alienation". When one parent can't stand the thought of their kids having a relationship with the other parent, they denigrate (bad-mouth) the other parent to make them look bad in the children's eyes. This started for your mom several years before she filed for divorce and what makes our case especially bad is that several of your mom's friends in your schools, soccer club, Girl Scouts and in our Church, helped her brainwash you against me.

Don't feel bad. You are not at fault. Brainwashing is child abuse and child abuse is done by irresponsible adults. You were told many lies about me starting when you were little and more and more people joined in as the divorce heated up. During the divorce, the court "magistrate" appointed her friend as the "Child and Family Investigator" (CFI). Instead of doing her job, she led the cause to brainwash you against me. She encouraged more and more people to denigrate me to you, and personnel at your schools and elsewhere around your community have continued to do that to this day.

The only thing I have to fight back with is the TRUTH, so here it is:

1. I have never harmed your mom in my life and I never will.
2. I have never harmed any of you and I never will.
3. I started planning for your life and our relationship before any of you were even born.
4. I built the home you are in with my bare hands and I paid it off.
5. Shortly after your mom filed for divorce, she called "911" and lied to have me arrested.
6. Your mom, her attorney, and the CFI, lied about everything in court.
7. The judges fixed the divorce against me and took everything I had away from me.
8. I was falsely arrested 4 times, impoverished, and run out of Colorado by the judges.
9. I did not abandon you; I moved away to protect myself.
10. I do not owe your mom child support and I am not a "deadbeat dad".
11. I love each of you with all my heart and miss you very much.
12. I work full-time for our family, but not for money right now.

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