Hang in there, Kids.

I love you with all my heart.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Case Fixing

KIDS: We are victims of divorce case fixing, which is a very serious crime. Everything I had, including you, was taken from me by crooked judges and attorneys in Colorado. These are dangerous people and if you ever see any of them or hear anything that scares you, report it immediately to ME. Do not report it to your local police - they are involved.

Read the "About Me" column in the right-hand sidebar to see what I want to do. I am going to start with the "Child and Family Investigator". I already have a bunch of information on her, but need each of you to tell me what she was saying to you during the divorce and after and when you last saw her. She was one of the most influential in framing me as a bad dad in the divorce and she was working with your mom's attorney and the judges so they could get rid of me from your lives. She should go to jail for the rest of her life. Help me put her where she belongs.

Please call me about the CFI and check this blog periodically for further instructions. Don't worry about your mom. Help me go after the criminals that ruined our family. Together, we will accomplish a lot and can help other families suffering from the same thing. There are thousands of broken families around the world that have fallen victim to this crime.

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