Hang in there, Kids.

I love you with all my heart.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Truth

KIDS: In order for us to repair what was done to our family, you first need to know the truth. Read the list in my post below entitled "Parental Alienation" on December 4. In fact, read this list of truths over and over again until you understand each one.

I have created a website for all of you, http://www.btnca.webs.com, and will be writing additional pages as I have time. In the right-hand column of that site are individual websites for each of you so we can communicate in private. Please go to your individual sites and become members.

Please don't listen to the lies anymore, kids. I have loved each of you since the day your were born and I will love you forever. I am a good father and want you to know me again for what I am.

I have forgiven your mom for what she has done and I want you to do the same. Do not worry about her. She needs help and by helping me bring our family back together again, we can get her the help she needs.

I will explain all the details of this as we go. Put down all of the hatred you have learned. Call me as soon as you read this and stay in touch with me. Let's be a family again.

Have a very Merry Christmas and know that I love you and miss you.

Love, Dad

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  1. Although it's never good to see another person dealing with the pain of parental alienation, I think what you are doing is admirable and it's good to see that you have started a blog for your kids to find. They will and one day they will want to know you again and your side of the story.

    Good Luck to you and your fight against those who have stolen your children. You're not alone.